When Death Occurs

When Death Occurs


When Death Occurs

What to do when a pet dies at home

When a pet dies at home unexpectedly, many pet parents are unsure of how to handle remains.

You’ll want to first find a suitable temporary container for the transportation of your pet’s remains. If possible lay a piece of plastic inside a container, then place a towel or blanket down. Lay your pet in the container which will help when caring your pet to our facility. If there is a period of time before you’re able to bring in your pet, place him/her in a cool place or cover with ice packs.

After you have taken care of your pet please call us to make arrangement for receiving your pet.

Some pet parents prefer for us to pick-up their pet. This is an extra service and can be arranged, if you would like.

What happens when a pet dies at the veterinary

The decision to euthanize your pet is extremely difficult.  Our compassionate staff is here to help you through the final arrangements prior to cremation. This will allow time for you to grieve without wondering what needs to be done next.

Many Veterinary Hospital retain cremation services. This may be FPC or another service. If you decide to use us for your final act of love, please contact us and we will do the rest. There is no charge for pick-up in a 10-mile area from our facility during our normal business hours. We will pick up from your home or veterinary clinic. We service the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.

We offer two types of Euthanizing. The First, is a group of Veterinary Doctors that perform euthanasia at home, for an additional fee. They come to your home where your pet is comfortable in his/her surroundings. The second option is for you to bring your pet to our facility and schedule a time for one of our Vets to meet with you.

​If you feel any of these options are what you would choose, let us know. Our staff will make the necessary arrangement.

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