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Funeral Services

When a beloved human family member or friend pass away we have a time of celebration but also a time to share one”s grief. We take this time to gather together whether it is a funeral or a time to honour their life.

Here at FPC we know that your pet was a member of your family. Loved and cherished by the whole family. Just as with our Human loved ones we offer a time and place to celebrate the life your beloved pet or a time of reflection. At Family’s Pet Service we offer a room just for this a final goodbye.This service is for the pet parents that want to gather with people or pets that also shared in his/her life. To honour and share in grief together while giving some closer together.

Our staff is here to help in planning your service. They will be able to help you make the arrangement for the final farewell. We offer an array of different option for the service from a small gathering to a larger one.

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