Our Story

Our Story

Family’s Pet Cremation came out of a need we experience as pet owners.couple

Hello, I am Cindy Anderson. My husband and I, Al Anderson, started FPC in 2005. We have been in business for over 10 years. Our vision for a pet cremation service started years before we opened our doors.

My husband has worked closely with the I.E.P.A. developing and installing crematoriums for over 40 years. It was then in 2005, when we lost our beloved sheltie, we saw a need for Family’s Pet Cremation. When our sheltie Roxanne collapsed, there was nothing else we could do but to euthanize her. When my 4 daughters came home that day, they were extremely upset not to be able to say goodbye to her. There was no closure for them, as there was for my husband and I; having been with Roxanne. We saw the need for a place where owner’s could say their goodbyes and know that they were leaving their beloved pets with someone who would be sure to give them the respect and care they deserved.

Over the years we have lost horses, dogs and cats.  All of these animals were precious to our family.  I know my own daughters have had the piece of mind and a sense of closure when their pets passed away and were brought to Family’s Pet Cremation.   We decided to create a special place with exceptional caring attention.  We offer a safe, quiet and peaceful space for your goodbyes. Our visiting room is full of light and a place for your pet to lay and rest to say your goodbyes.  The process of your pets passing is painful.  Family’s Pet Cremation is here to help you through the grieving process and to provide an honorable way to save your pet’s ashes.

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