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Equine and Large Animal Cremation Services

As horse owners we understand the loss of your equine partner is not easy, which is why we strive to provide the highest quality and dignified services at the fairest price. At Family’s Pet Cremation we perform only whole horse cremations, maintaining the animal’s respect and dignity. With a four thousand pound capacity, our crematory is the largest in the area. We are committed to serving Equine needs throughout Illinois and Wisconsin.

Family’s Pet offers two options for the cremation service, Private and Communal, both of which are performed as whole horse cremation. Other services offered by Family’s Pet include other large animal cremation (not solely horses), Memorial/Funeral Room rental, upgraded urns, customized/personalized items to remember your lost equine and clay hoof imprints.

Tequine cremationransportation and Removal: Unlike many others, Family’s Pet will take care of the entire process for you including transportation/removal and the cremation process. Our dedicated pick up/removal team has many years of equine experience and truly respects these proud animals.

Family’s Pet team uses a customized lifting plate, the first of it’s kind, to ensure the horse is handled with the utmost care and dignity.

Our Costs:
There is a basic retrieval fee of $400 (within 20 mile radius) and $2 per additional mile. Distance is determined from closest of two locations (Arlington Heights, IL 60004 or Woodstock, IL 60098).

$100 additional for stall removal

Your horse will be transported within roughly 4 hours upon owner/caretaker approval, 24/7 and 365 days a year, with additional fees for after hours, weekends and holidays.

Cremation Options:

Private Equine Cremation: Whole horse cremation is performed as the only animal in the unit with ashes available within 48-72 hours. Cost is $1 per pound and includes:

  • Keepsake Urn with Brass engraved name plate (standard options below with upgrades available)
  • Cremation Certificate
  • Clay Hoof Print
  • Tail Clipping (we save as much as possible)
  • Your horse’s cremains can be either picked up at our facility or shipped directly to you for an additional fee.
equine urns

Communal Equine Cremation: Whole horse cremation is performed with other beloved animals together in one unit, NO ashes are returned, but a portion of the ashes are sprinkled on cemetery grounds.

  • Dignified, yet economical option at $.80 per pound
  • Optional Clay Hoof Print and Tail Clipping available.

*Quoted prices are subject to change due to weight verification (average horse is roughly 1,100 lbs.) and/or difficulty of retrieval. Weight of equine is estimated at the pick up site by owner, caretaker or one of our employees; but is verified at our facility to ensure the most accurate and fairest rate.

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