How to Honor the Memory of Your Dog When it Passes Away…

How to Honor the Memory of Your Dog When it Passes Away

They don’t say dog is a man’s best friend for nothing. Not only do they wait impatiently all day for you to return home, they apparently can also detect your emotions. If there was ever a time when you felt down and your dog came up to nudge you, it was because they sensed you had the blues. Scientists are still catching on to what we dog owners have always known: our dogs are the best thing that have happened to us.

And it hurts when they leave you. Like hell.

But there are ways in which you can honor these resourceful companions for long after they’re gone.

Organize a Funeral

If they were your best friend for as long as they lived, why not honor them like you would a human friend? A funeral is a novel idea, and you can have one that perfectly mimics a regular funeral: you can give speeches in their honor, have their best pictures framed and displayed, and so forth.

A funeral for them is like an official day that you have dedicated to their remembrance, and it make you feel better after it’s over. It’s also important to note that funerals are a rite of passage, a general part of the grieving process.

Wait Before Bringing Another Dog in


While we understand that you might be tempted to get another dog as soon as possible because you think that will help you cope with it better, believe us: it won’t. Perhaps for a day or two you’ll feel as if you’ve done the right thing, and then you’ll go back to feeling down. Additionally, you’ll feel guilty for “replacing” them too soon, and the end result will be disastrous because you might even neglect the new dog. It’s a lose-lose situation and one we have seen fail multiple times.

Get Something Special to Remember Them By

If you’re having your dog cremated, having their cremains in a personalized urn is a great idea. You can keep this near you and take it with you if you move easily. We at Family’s Pet Cremation also offer optional services in addition to pet cremation such as providing you with a clay paw print with which to remember your pet by. There are other products, too, that you can choose from.

If you do want to know more, we’ll be willing to talk in detail at (847)970-9590. Remember, you’re not in this alone.

How to Honor the Memory of Your Dog When it Passes Away…
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