Can Pets Really Touch Lives That Deeply?

Can Pets Really Touch Lives That Deeply

There are countless videos like this one that are being shared on social media. They often show a dog around a person who initially appears to be A-OK, but the dog appears to be tense and on edge. Eventually, the person begins having a panic attack. The dog—trained, in these cases, to handle exactly this situation—will then help the person calm down.

Some months ago, an Indian artist’s post about how his cat helps him cope with depression and suicidal thoughts went viral on social media. This illustration by the artist is relatable for a lot of people whose pets help them carry on every day.

Pets and Pet Owners

With such tales being commonplace, it isn’t difficult to see that pets, in one way or the other, touch their owners’ lives, and do so in fundamental ways.

Anyone who has ever lived with a pet knows this all too well. Not only are these furry friends your companions, but they also become a part of your life.

When you come back from work after a long day, they’re always waiting for you. When you feel down and depressed, they’re there for you. When you’re dealing with some of your worst days and have no one around to help, they sit by your side.

Pets and Mental Health

Pets and Mental Health

For people who’ve never experienced the delight of owning a pet, they might seem like another animal that’s there for some fun and frolicking, but for people with mental health issues, pets are a godsend.

With a pet comes companionship, motivation, and comfort—these are things that can help people with mental health issues deal with their depression, anxiety, and stress better.

Pets and Your Physical Life

You might be surprised to know that scientists actually suggest pets if you want to have an active and healthy physical life. One of the many health benefits of keeping a pet is that they help you get more exercise. Animals are highly physical beings. Their companionship will obviously be great for your health, since they’re going to be very demanding when it comes to physical interactions.

Did you ever imagine that getting a dog might be helpful in terms of getting help for your high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels? Well, it can be!

In short, pets are a blessing; they help you with your mental, physical, and psychological health all at the same time, and out lovely to be around.

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Can Pets Really Touch Lives That Deeply?
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